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Monday Night Networking Event & Dinner



Heurigen is the name given to Eastern-Austrian wine-taverns in which wine-growers serve the most recent year`s wines. A Heurigen has certain limitations compared to a restaurant. Only its own wine is served, and it serves a limited seleection of cold food as an evening meal, generally local, homemade products. Especially Vienna is popular for its Heurigen Restaurants.


With the traditional Vienna "Bim" to the evening event

The Monday night event will start with a traditional tram sightseeing tour through Vienna City Center, to end in one of Vienna's famous Heurigen on the vineyards outside Vienna. Let's travel back in time to enjoy all the wonderful sights of imperial Vienna in perfect harmony.


When we return from the Heurigen the hotels famous "Intermezzo Bar" is already waiting for us. A great place to watch the games of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.














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