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Words from past visitors


"I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you and the entire ERA staff for an incredible European Conference...... What a wonderful conference.

I always love the European Conference because it gives each attendee and exhibitor a much better chance to have substantial conversations with vendors and partners. This year was no exception.

All of us from Infusion Brands, both our European and US contingency had an excellent show. Marcel, you were no small part of that, introducing us to several key players from the Home Shopping Industry world-wide and giving us the ability to speak about the future of Live Shopping and the technological advancements currently taking place.

The support that ERA gives its members and attendees at the European Conference is just wonderful. Thanks again for an excellent show. We look forward to next year!" 

Greg Sarnow
- President of Infusion Brands International

"I have been attending the ERA European Conference for several years now. I love this show because it is less hectic than the annual conference, therefore meetings are more productive and you can spend more time with each client. I can even squeeze in some education sessions. Also, the host cities and venues are always lovely."

- Michele Quinlan, Director of Sales & Marketing, Global Infomercial Services, Inc{jacomment off}

"I come to the Electronic HomeShopping Conference to get a clear view of the important players in Europe. I also come for the networking – to meet new people, get introduced to new people, strengthen up the existing contacts. It's also great for creating visibility of our company in the industry."

- Cédric Claeys, Sales Manager, Diamond Spring Company (Belgium)

"I come to the conference to generate new customers for our business, to see existing clients and build on these relationships, and to be able to Network with other DRTV companies and to see and hear the latest innovations."

- Carol Bird, Retail & Third Party Manager, Direct Entertainment UK Ltd/ Time Life (UK)

"The reason I attend is to meet with existing and new product suppliers to source new product, to determine any new developments or trends in Direct Response (globally), and for the networking opportunities with other DR operators in various international markets."

- Jamie Dow, Global Shop Direct (Australia)

"I came to meet with international distributors that we work with, and I loved being able to network with people, and the dinner cruise on Monday night."

- Jeff Tuller, Co-Founder, President, Savvier, (California, USA)

"I come for the networking, to see existing customers and (the conference is) the central meeting place for my other customers in Europe. This conference is well attended but not as busy as (the ERA D2C Convention) Vegas which gives you more time to meet with your customers. The openness of the conference is what makes it special."

- Anand Dhirmalani

"The three reasons I attended are 1. for business opportunities, 2. to buy products, 3. to maintain my network."

- Veronica Nunez, Ripley Channel (Chile)



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