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Avoiding social media in DRTV

1 February 2013

Social media doesn't always work on DRTV

Why? Because it's a distraction. Anything which distracts viewers from from ringing the call centre to buy the product should be avoided "at all costs" because it's a distraction. 

That's according to advertising agency DRTV Centre, responding to a piece of research by Twitter entitled "Tune in With Twitter, Driving Discovery and Engagement with Television" - a report that, naturally enough, extolls the medium for use in television advertising. 

Twitter has certainly changed the way people watch TV, enabling them to interact with the programmes, send in messages to entertainment and current affairs programmes and for presenters to respond accordingly in real time.

Most prime time television programmes feature hashtags and encourage viewers to tweet their thoughts and responses further.

Some 60% of UK Twitter users use Twitter while watching TV and 40% of all UK Twitter traffic at peak television viewing time is about TV. Using a hashtag on air can boost viewer engagement.

But engagement isn't what direct response television companies. They want viewers to respond to calls-to-action, according to the DRTV Centre. 

"The viewer who would otherwise have contacted the advertiser is distracted by the hashtag – and this inevitably leads to reduced response rates."

So avoid Twitter use in DRTV adverts "at all costs" is the message.

Food for thought!

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