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Self-regulation: why it matters

Our self-regulation programme is important and it presents an exciting opportunity for the association, ERA Europe's self-regulation officer Klaus Parchant told its annual meeting in Paris today. 

Klaus took over from Nancy Barkan at the beginning of January. He has long experience in the direct response television market, having worked in the past as General Counsel for QVC Germany.

"We've experienced in Germany that legal authorities are very keen on self-regulation. Up to now the programme was focused exclusively on the business-to-business sector but the new situation we have is that via the Shop With Confidence website we can offer a direct communications channel to customers.

"When members display the seal provided by the association and when the Charter and Licensing Agreements have been signed, consumers can click on that logo and come to the website to see all the background information on the seal," Klaus said. 

The implementation phase is ongoing and the seal and information package is being sent out to members. The seal is the intellectual property of ERA Europe and therefore protected under EU law, Klaus disclosed. 

"We look forward to the ongoing cooperation with members regarding complaints or notifications we receive from authorities or consumers. We think all this will help us ensure all members become compliant. We are also dealing with other legal issues that are part of the self-regulation programme, including how to deal with cases of non-compliance," Klaus added. 

We will be interviewing Klaus in detail on the website and will include all the latest information on ERA Europe's self-regulation programme. This issue is of key importance for our industry and for our members - watch this space!




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