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A busy year at ERA Europe

It's been a busy year for ERA Europe and the association is changing to meet the challenges of the future head on, the association's outgoing executive director, Marcel Avargues, told its annual meeting in Paris this morning.

In particular, ERA Europe has made great advances in developing its seal as part of its self-regulation project.

Nancy Barkan has managed the process and taken the self-regulation project to a new level. She has now handed over responsibilities for the self-regulation programme to Klaus Parchent, a lawyer who specialises in intellectual property and media issues. 

Marcel said: "Nancy managed a number of problems over non-compliance issues, these have been handled really well and we're greatful for her work. Now we're changing scope and level and we will doubtless have some legal cases in future so it's good to have a lawyer on board in the person of Klaus."

Marcel also thanked Robert Logie, ERA Europe's web master and communications point person for his years of help. Rob is now focusing on his career with ERA member Studio Moderna. 




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